Past Is Prologue

by A Greater Danger

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Pepe One of the best EPs I have heard this year! Unbelievable Post-Hardcore with so much interesting elements that it would be crazy to not check this out! Favorite track: Stepping Stones.
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Thanks so much to everyone who has helped make this project get off the ground. To anyone who has taken the time to listen, to help, to critique…It all means the world to us.

Special shout out to Justin Spaulding at Octopus Recording Studio and Scott Cumming at Chordal Media for putting so much work and effort into making this project the best we could have hoped for.


released February 22, 2016

Vocals/Lyrics: Chad Douglas
Composer/Instrumentals: Benjamin Yanez, Justin Spaulding
Produced by Justin Spaulding at Octopus Recording Studio

Featuring vocals from Elizabeth Shanahan, Garret Rapp and Benjamin Yanez



all rights reserved


A Greater Danger Syracuse, New York

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo

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Track Name: Abstract Endurance
Is this where you feel safe?
Inside a broken world; too scared to live, yet afraid to die.
You lie awake with empty eyes...
Just count the days until you can die.

Can we start this over again?
With calloused hearts and bleeding hands we'll pave the way-- We'll make our own paths.
Though nights grow long, we will hold on.

I always find (When I look inside)
Another way (Too many times)
To doubt myself (I'd rather die)
And all I've found
All I need is just one day where I can breathe, where I'm set free…
From my mind.

It caves away...
Your life unmade...
Can't face the day...
Will you hold on?

This fight for life-- In endless strife.

Can we start...
With calloused hearts we'll pave the way.
Though nights grow long
We will hold on.
Track Name: More In The Moment
My eyes open once again to grey.
All the colors seem gone these days.
Maybe this time it's here to stay…
And I'm still here STUCK IN MY WAYS.

I can't tell what's right or wrong.
In the state I’m in, I've become the one
I'm hating
A self-made prophecy come to life.

Stay away from me, these fading memories keep me company.
I’m better off alone.
What’s inside my head fuels the words I pen, on pages left unread.

And in the end… I'm sure you meant well.
But good intentions…Can't help me on my walk through Hell
A collection of demons I’ve brought on myself.
I was always best at tearing myself down.

I've been through so many days and nights, trying to find a way to win the fight.
Everything I've said gets lost in a haze…
Do my words mean nothing unless scribbled onto page?

Somewhere along the line, I decided that I don't want to be alive.
I think I'd rather just throw my whole life aside, than live another day with your ignorant design.
Maybe I've lost my mind, trying to cope with all the things that I can't define.
This time I'll run and hide so that you'll never find me.

Though each cloud in the sky grows darker, I'll take shelter in the shade.
For the sun may not shine brighter, I'll have solace in the rain.
This life has pushed me and tested my will… But it's yet to break me—
I travel still.
Track Name: Stepping Stones
Don't know the way to say I'm sorry… When we hardly speak at all.
It’s hard to find the words to say and nothing seems to ever change

Do you feel betrayed, do you feel bitter?
I guess I'm the one to blame for every time I walked away.
Can you hear me?

Your eyes show signs of struggle.
You're sinking down below.
Your world so dark and troubled… Can't find the foothold .

Hard to keep up pace with uneven steps -- Harder to breathe as it grips your chest.
Your thoughts never want to rest.
You're the only one who wants you dead.

And from a distance I can tell that you're living in a personal Hell.

As the flames grow higher and higher, out of control, as it burns away will you tell it to me straight?
Please tell it to me straight… What will this be?

I watched you start to decay…
You say you try to change…
Track Name: Haunted
How could you let him hurt your little girl?
A broken body in a broken home…
Bruises along her arms, she was defenseless .

Can you see her now?
Beaten into the ground?

She's suffered long enough.
Can't find a way to trust.
Her scars reflect her soul, a story never told…

It's a tragic life, when the monsters under your bed are safer than the ones in your head.

Blood soaked sheets, a poisoned memory…
You tore the light from her eyes…AND SHATTERED HER MIND

Her smile fades away, too scared to ask “Why”?
You couldn't take the time.
No way to rewind.

And so it goes… The cycle never changing
The seeds are planted-- no second chances

Maybe one day she can find the strength to let it go.
Take it all away…
Become the one she was meant to be
Track Name: Harmony In Discord
I've tried to play nice with the demons in my head.

The clock ticks, another hour passed.
I'm still trapped in this bed.

How can I sacrifice to move my life along…

When all that I seem to have
Is what hasn't come and gone?

I am the reminder of the pain.

Through my torment I will show a way to augment hope .
The sound to break the bounds-- From harmony to discord.

You've locked yourself in your dismay…Hiding away.
When you're only hanging on by a thread.
I know it's hard to carry on…Keeping composure for too long.
The light gets harder just to see
Just stay here with me.

I guess the cliche lines, repeated rhymes, just couldn't keep up time with our unstable minds.

Because we search for something more-- Search for comfort from the storm.
Have we been damned since the day we were born?
Or chastised, broken just to fit a form?

There's always a light… Even if it's just out of sight.

I know it's harder just to breathe; you've become your worst enemy.

Please don't let go.
Track Name: Lassitude
I guess things don't always work out how we plan…
All this time you'd think I'd understand the strain of how to keep things together…
Things seem much easier to fall apart.

Your words repeat etched deeply in my mind.
And I can’t seem to leave this all behind.

It's pick and choose…
Win or lose
And I'm tired of the games we play.

Maybe one day I'll find my way to ease…
Leave behind these nightmares, hold fast to dreams.

I know it looks like I have everything I need…
But you never look at what I need you to see.

It's pick and choose
Win or lose
And I'm tired of the game…